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                Company introduction
                  Zhejiang YIJI Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Yiwu ShuangLin Lifting Equipment Installation Engineering C.,Ltd.),located in west part of Zhejiang Province,and near the province of Fujian、Jiangxi  and Anhui,there is only 5 Km from the company to Hang-jin-Qu Highway and 1 Km to 320 National Road.YIJI  Company is a professional manufacturer in producing Construction Ma-chineries,the company covers an area of 15,807 square meters and workshop area of 5,500 square meters,there are 58 trained staff including 11 engineers and technician-s.YIJI Company has a decades history in Construction machinery products,equiped with advanced production equipments and perfect testing instruments and with strict management system to ensure products in good quality.
                       YIJI company aim is :persuit of good quality leads to survival,commitment to excellent services create development,with high-quality services to meet customer requirements,we carry out wide implemention of the Quality policy of "persuit of good quality leads to sur-vival,good products leads to market,excellent services create good reputation,innovation competes for development".According to the basic requirements of state of the special equipment manufa-cturing and installation,alteration,maintenance,quality assurance sy-stem,we carry out our p-romise,the product of the manufacture and installation,reconstruction,maintenance,impleme-ntation of the entire process control,keep on the competitive posture of updating,higher and stronger,create the first class product quality and service,YIJI always insist on the development way by good quality products and excellent services.

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