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          As the domestic professional manufacturer of construction hoist and elevator, Zhejiang Yiji Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Yiwu Shuanglin Hoisting Equipment Installation Engineering Co., Ltd.) has wide and sound selling network of construction hoist and elevator. Located in the west of Zhejiang province and the source of Qiantang River, next to Fujian in the south, adjacent to Jiangxi in the west, and close to Anhui in the north. It is 5 km away from Hangjin Qudong expressway entrance and 1 km from 320 national road. The traffic is very convenient. An area of 15,807 square meters is covered with the built workshop area of 5,500 square meters. It has 58 staffs currently, including 11 engineering and technical personnel. With decades histories of electro-processing and mechanical products production, we have strong technical force, experienced operating workers, complete production equipment and detecting instruments and stable product performance index. Perfect testing equipment, strict management system and comprehensive after-sales service, have provided guarantee for high quality products.

          Our company tenet is: Survive on Quality, Develope on Service. Meet the requirements of customers with superior service. Implement the quality policy of "Survive on Quality, Market on Product; Credibility on Service, Develope on Innovation." throughout the company, and establish quality assurance system according to the national basic requirements for special equipment manufacturing, installation, modification and maintenance in order to earnestly fulfill our commitments. Control the whole process of the product manufacturing, installation, modification and maintenance, creating first-class quality and first-class service in  newer, higher and stronger competitive posture, and insisting the development way of service-benefit and quality-benefit creative company.


      Address: No. 39-1, Bingang Middle Road, Qujiang District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province (Factory)
      Mobile phone:13505700159

      Link:芝麻黑 高壓往復泵 植草磚廠家 瓦楞紙箱廠家 電腦絎縫機 脈沖布袋除塵器廠家 酒店布草 智慧物業 巖棉彩鋼夾芯板 垃圾清掃車 高壓泵 uv打印機 原木整裝定制 機電安裝工程 沖壓模具

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